Cool Van Additions

We’ve done some pretty good additions to the van since we’ve had it. Like I mentioned in previous posts our bench seating system is money, but another must have add on is our shelving unit (shelf pic down below). It allows us to store our jackets out of the way as well as Vinny’s extra diapers and toys without taking up cupboard space. I didn’t realize how important it was to have that extra space until I look back on our first trip with out it!

Ron also installed a beefed up wifi booster that is really important if you’re working remote. You can pair it with any router. This not only helps with work on the road but also with home schooling. Since our oldest Hazel has been full time distance learning, I needed to rely on our booster while we were on the road to keep her connected to her classes. Our booster also helps me watch my Seahawks while we were traveling (fun fact I’m nuts for football and the only time I ever miss a Seahawk game is when my power is out or I have no wifi, GO HAWKS).

Couldn’t watch my Hawkls without this bad boy!

OH how the hell do I watch my Seahawks while roaming the US?? I’ll tell you how, my husband rocks and installed a TV and TV mount because he loves me! Well lets be honest , the kids benefit from it as well instead of watching movies on a tablet they have a bad ass tv to watch now, you’re welcome kioddos!

Above the TV is the shelving unit we added.


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