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Say Hi To Our Little Vinny!

Hi Guys, Welcome to my first ever blog! I’m really excited to share our families experiences and adventures in our van with you. I hope to be a good resource for all you first timers (such as ourselves) as well as to show you all of our blunders (like the one-time I almost flooded the van). So here we go….

A little back story, my husband had this fabulous idea to rent an rv this summer to get out of the house and go explore. I was a bit hesitant seeing as though I had just given birth 2 months prior and I have 2 other kids, but sure why the hell not. Let’s cram our asses into an RV and hit the road during a pandemic, sounds amazing! I, of course made sure to pack lots of booze, snacks and every other nic nack I never actually used and we hit the road. We got to see some beautiful places and spent time actually relaxing as a family (well relaxing as much as you can with 2 little girls and an infant that won’t stop crying).

We enjoyed it so much we decided to take a big leap (and investment) and buy a van. Not just any van but the infamous Soryteller Overland Stealth. Here are the reasons why we chose this model and did not customize our own van: As a mom of 3 and with a husband working full time we have zero time to customize anything! We love the fact that this van has so much moving around space (due to the fact the shower and toilet are hidden with the cool halo shower system). We also love how the bed folds up out of the way creating more space in the back. The grove lounge is the perfect size seat seating for hanging out and eating or working and converts to the perfect bed size for our 4 and 6 year olds. As a family of 5 well 6 with good ol Leroy our Boston Terrier we really just needed space to get around. The added bonus with our van is my husband uses it for his mobile office because our house is tiny and my husbands co workers don’t need to hear my 4yr old yelling about how she just pooped!

I can’t wait to share with you guys all the tricks we’re learning along the way as well as cool spots we’ve found on this rad journey. I’m no ‘Vanin” expert but I am an expert in shenanigan so I hope you like the blog and I’m able to help some of you first timers with some hacks. Oh wait I am a first timer, so let me blunder first and learn from my mistakes!

SNOW DAY! I want everyone to see our real shenanigans.

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