Lake Powell

Not a bad view from our bed!

Ron and I fell in love with Lake Powell last summer when we rented an RV. The lake and scenery is absolutely beautiful. On our first trip we camped at Wahweap RV & Campground. It’s clean, has decent amenities and is a short drive to the lake. While we were there we rented a boat at the marina. Renting a boat is a great way to check out this beautiful lake! We were able to scope out dry camping spots while we were out exploring. Quick side note, the process of renting a boat at the marina was a total cluster F as for the quality of the boats I’d give them 2 out of a 5 star rating.

The Girls had a blast scouting out dry camping spots

Boondocking at Lake Powell

After we bought our van we knew we wanted to go back to Lake Powell to try our hand at boondocking. There are so may great places to take your rig off road to go exploring we just had to do it! Ron looked at his map and found our spot! We decided to stay just past Crosby Cannon, here are our coordinates of where we boondocked 37°03’56.6″N 111°27’04.4″W. It looked pretty straightforward to get there, it turned out anything but. The roads get a bit narrow and sandy so you need to be prepared. I have to say the Storyteller handled way better than I expected. The kids had a blast 4 wheeling, I on the other hand had camera duty and got a bit car sick!

Kids figuring telling dad which ways the best way!
Hazy and Cece told Ron “Always go up daddy” so that what we did ( we only almost got stuck once 😉)

Now what do we do?

Whelp we made it, so now what? Well , I tell you what, I poured myself a nice shot of tequila and cracked open a cold beer to celebrate! The only problem for us was once we got to our spot the wind picked up, the sky turned black and it started dumping rain! Luckily I have the induction cook top, plenty of mac and noddle (that’s what my kids call Mac N Cheese) and booze. We made it through the storm and woke up to nice warm sunshine. This was a beautiful spot, theres plenty of places to explore and you’re right on the lake. It was also a great place for me to try out the outdoor shower, which did not disappoint. We only stayed the night because we were on a tight schedule but we’ll be back.

Uh oh here comes the rain Leroy
Hurry Up I’m freezing
Quick beer before we hit the road (No, I’m not driving)

Must See

Of Course the lake, but take your time and check out all the amazing slot canyons. The holes and textures of the canyon walls really shows how the area use to be underwater. The girls had a blast and could of explored for days.

Ron with his girls

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